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Endangered marmoset slipping towards extinction

Buffy-headed marmoset (Callithrix flaviceps) listed as ENDANGERED for over 36 years, finally becomes the focus of a conservation program!

The Buffy headed marmosets range is northeast of the Buffy tufted-ear marmoset (C. aurita) and extends into the States of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais. The last IUCN assessment 10 years ago estimated numbers to be less than 2500 and identified concerns regarding the presence of invasive species of marmoset within the range. The Buffy headed marmoset (C. flaviceps) has been listed as Endangered on successive IUCN assessments for thirty-six years and yet very little is currently known about the species!

The Mountain Marmoset Conservation Program is now involved with coordinating the conservation program for the Buffy headed marmoset (C. flaviceps) as well as for the Buffy tufted-ear marmoset (C. aurita) . Over the last year we got closer not only to the Buffy headed marmoset (C. flaviceps) geographic range but also to the current and local problems, and threats faced by this particular species.

The Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program would like to thank Dr. Joanna Malukiewicz, Dr. Fabiano Melo and Dr. Renato Hilário; researchers who made a significant contribution to supporting and progressing research tasks and data collection into the Buffy headed marmoset (C. flaviceps). Their research, insight and concern for the species was a decisive factor in expanding our conservation program to include this species.

Following the outbreak of Yellow Fever (July 17 – January 18), significant concerns for the species came through reports from local people that all populations of local primates were excessively reduced or locally extinct. Through funding from Beauval Zoo and AfdPZ (France) Dr Rodrigo Salles de Carvalho was able to plan and conduct a rapid survey in Caratinga, State of Minas Gerais. Dr. Rodrigo Salles de Carvahlo accompanied by 2 students (names) from UVF spent 4 days in the field.....

RC to add in about the survey process and the days up/downs for me to tweak..../PHOTOS?

Sometimes it is hard to fathom why it takes us so long to respond to the vulnerabilities that a significant species faces, we are fortunate that the species still survives! The time to take action to ensure it survives for the maintenance of our ecosystems and forfuture generations is now!

How to get involved in supporting the conservation program:

Donate: We are currently fundraising for the next survey phase and equipment, for more information on these and other funding opportunities please email us and we will send you the Fundraising newsletter, alternatively you can make a donation to the Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program and you are welcome to guide us on what you would like your donation to go towards: Survey, conservation breeding, educational material or equipment or perhaps apply to join one of the forthcoming surveys.

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