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mountain marmosets conservation program


The Mountain Marmoset Conservation Program is focused on the conservation of two endangered marmosets found in the mountainous regions of the South-eastern Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil.  


In the wild the Buffy headed marmoset (Callithrix flaviceps) and the Buffy tufted-ear marmoset (Callithrix aurita) both face high levels of habitat fragmentation, population isolation and an increasingly acute threat from invasive marmoset species causing hybridization. Although more than 30 years ago there were concerns highlighted about the species conservation status, it was only more recently that these two species have become the focus of a conservation program! 


We hope that you will join the program, get involved and help us to resolve the problems that are currently threatening both species survival in their natural habitat.


To restore the biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest

by conserving endemic primate species



To conserve viable populations of Callithrix aurita and Callithrix flaviceps in their naturally occurring area, for the prosperity of the environment and

present and future generations

Importance of surveys

Surveys are fundamental to data collection. In addition to identifying habitats and the distribution of populations in the forest fragments, surveys sometimes lead researchers to connect with rural communities and the outer reaches of highly urbanized areas.

Community engagement is a high priority for researchers. Take a look at our short pictorial video to gain an insight into one example of an unremarkable forest fragment that reveals a very remarkable story!

Want to let us know of a similar situation? Go to our GET INVOLVED  page for the different ways to pass on important information. 

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Education materials developed and designed by Alessandro Antunes

the Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program is part of NGo PREA...


NGO PREA (Programa de Educação Ambiental/Environmental Education Program) has been established for over 15 years. Working to progress environment conservation and social improvement in Brazil.

The Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program/Programa de Conservação dos Saguis-da-serra is part of PREA NGO  and works with specific focus on species conservation. The program is coordinated by Dr. Rodrigo Salles de Carvalho.


The conservation program adopts its own Brazilian and International logo and maintains a program specific website to assist with public  and stakeholder recognition and engagement with the mission to conserve two very special and endangered marmoset species.






Our web content is also represented on the PREA website

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