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mountain marmosets conservation program

mmcp program initiatives

The MMCP is now moving forwards to a phase where community engagement and developing communication strategies is of paramount importance in progressing the conservation program. The serious nature of the threats to both species survival in their natural habitat needs a strong voice: Discover more about our work and current updates in one of the following categories:

The team out on survey

Surveys are a critical part of the conservation program, the data collected is an essential part of the decision making process for prioritizing conservation actions

Children playing memory game

The MMCP is fortunate to have a talented and passionate EE designer who has received acclaim from prominent conservationists 

such as Russell Mittermeier

Buffy tufted-ear marmoset (Callithrix aurita) Christoph Knogge

The conservation breeding program for Buffy tufted-ear marmosets was reviewed and restructured during 2014-15, the results have been very encouraging...

PREA Friburgo progress to creating a reserve

Coming soon, meanwhile enjoy a look through our gallery or catch up on the fantastic progress made by one city who took the Buffy tufted-ear marmosets plight seriously, incredible what can be achieved in 3 short years!

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