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mountain marmosets conservation program

conservation breeding initiatives


         There is much to be done to fully establish a safety-net population for the Buffy tufted-ear marmoset (Callithrix aurita) . The levels of occurrence and virulence of  invasive marmoset species and the resulting hybrids in the south-eastern Atlantic forest means that the Buffy tufted-ear and Buffy headed marmosets have a very uncertain future. A safety-net population is essential to protecting the species existence. Key to this is expanding ex-situ facilities, and continuing to building upon expertise and shared knowledge. 


      The conservation breeding program for Buffy tufted-ear marmosets was reviewed and restructured during 2014-15, the results have been very encouraging. A Studbook for the species was established in 2015, it is managed by Claudia Igayara, Guarulhos Zoo, Sao Paulo. The MMCP would also like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Jennifer Mickelberg of Zoo Atlanta (the Golden Lion Tamarin International Studbook keeper) for her support and guidance with this task.



         There are currently no Buffy headed marmosets (Callithrix flaviceps) in captivity. However the success and progress with the Buffy tufted-ear marmoset will help with the establishment of a conservation breeding initiative that is currently under consideration...


         Our ex situ breeding program counts with important institutions focussed on to improve the captive population of C. aurita following the guidelines from our studies using PMx and SPARKS. Our partners and our breeding populations are increasing: 

Primatology Center of Rio de Janeiro - CPRJ


Zoo Guarulhos


Mountain Marmosets Conservation Center - MMCC / CCSS



Centro de Pesquisa e Conservação de Fauna do Estado de São Paulo - CECFAU 

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